Papier-Mache Bowl
Items List
For the Papier-Mache Bowls:
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1-inch strips of newspaper
For the papier-mache bowls
  • Pour 2 cups water and 1 cup flour into a mixing bowl and combine well using a whisk. The  consistency should be similar to pancake batter. Whisk until smooth.

  • Cover a bowl of the desired final bowl shape with aluminum foil. Coat the aluminum foil with cooking spray to make removal easier.

  • Dip one strip of newspaper at a time into the flour mixture, remove excess by sliding newspaper between your fingers, then paste onto the foil covered bowl.

  • Criss-cross strips until most of the bowl is covered, then reinforce by encircling the bowl with horizontal pieces. Smooth over with fingertips once the entire bowl is covered.

  • Shift bowls to wire drying racks and place in a cool, out-of-the way area to set. Leave them undisturbed overnight to dry (at least 12 hours).

  • Carefully remove the papier-mache from the aluminum foil. Trim any excess newspaper from the edges of each bowl if desired. To make it smoother, you can sand gently with fine grain sandpaper.

  • Paint and decorate bowls.

  • Image: Papier-Mache Bowls.

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