Holiday Craft Ideas and Inspirations

Use wheat and wheat foods in these unique holiday craft ideas and inspirations. Make holiday craft decorations and spend quality time with your family.


Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

This is one craft you’ll cherish for a lifetime. You’ll have proof that your babies were once this small when you capture their tiny handprints and footprints in this salt dough.

Easy DIY ornaments: Santa, Snow Man, Mitten, Christmas Tree and Reindeer

DIY Pasta Angel Ornaments

These pasta angels are a fun activity for kids and adults alike. What other pasta creations can you come up with?

DIY Pasta angels made with wheat pasta, pearls and wire halos ready to hang on a tree.

Create Your Own Dog Biscuit Reindeer Ornaments

Making your own ornaments will create cherished holiday memories, as well as a fun thing for Santa to see when we makes his stop! These quick dog biscuit reindeer ornaments are a fun kids activity and will look great on your tree or on a package

Make your own ornaments - DIY dog biscuit reindeer ornaments ready to hang on the Christmas Tree


Gingerbread Houses

There are so many options when it comes to building and decorating gingerbread houses! You can pick up a kit at the store, build your own around a milk carton, use graham crackers, pretzels and wheat foods galore.

A Gingerbread house made with a kit, a clock tower made with graham crackers and a log cabin made with pretzel sticks

Festive Tree

Try your hand at bread shaping by making this Festive Tree out of bread dough.

Image: Festive Tree.

Smiling Santa

This Smiling Santa is a fun holiday craft to make and can be dried and used as a centerpiece throughout the holiday season.

Image: Smiling Santa.

Wheat Fall Table Centerpiece

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with this fall centerpiece, which uses silk flowers and wheat.

Photo: Fall Thanksgiving wheat centerpiece.