Photo: Donut You Know Valentines.
Items List
For the printables:
  • 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock or Avery 1564 shipping labels
Non-candy Valentine Ideas
  • Photo: Non-candy Valentines Ideas.
    • I’m WILD about you! – Animal Crackers or Iced Animal Cookies
    • Valentine We Go Together Like Milk + Cookies! – Cookies and Fun Straw
    • Of all the Fish in the Sea I’m Glad You’re Friends with Me – Fish Crackers
    • I’m Hooked on You – Fish Crackers
    • Life is S’MORE Fun with a Friend Like You! – Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Chocolate
    • Have a BEARY Sweet Valentine’s Day – Bear Graham Crackers
    • Bear Hugs – Bear Graham Crackers
    • Donut U Know? I Like U a Hole Lot –  Mini Donuts
    • DOH not forget how special you are – Play Doh
    • You’re A-DOUGH-RABLE – Happy Valentine’s Day – Play Doh
    • Say Cheese Valentine – Cheese Square Crackers or Sandwich Cheese Crackers
    • Happy Valentine’s Sweet-Tart – Toaster Pastries
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