Photo: Charcuterie board.
Items List
For the board:
  • Wheat foods, such as baguettes, pitas and crackers
  • Cheeses, such as brie, asiago and havarti
  • Meats, such as capocollo, salami and prosciutto
  • Garnishes, such as olives, jams, honey, grapes, pickles, dried fruit, chocolate and nuts
For the charcuterie board
  • Line a food-safe tray with parchment paper.

  • Photo: Charcuterie - Wheat foods on tray.

    Start with a solid base of wheat foods. Slice the baguette and add slices to tray. Place a few crackers and cut up pita bread at various locations around the tray.

  • Photo: Charcuterie - Cheeses on tray.

    Add your cheeses. Cheese can be served cut into slices or as wedges. Places cheeses in separate locations around the tray. Serve cheese wedges with cheese knife or spreader.

  • Photo: Charcuterie - Meats on tray.

    Add your meats. Tray fanning meat slices out or folding them into small triangles. Place meats in various locations around the tray.

  • Garnish the tray with small bowls of olives, jams, honey or pickles. Try putting a dollop of jam on your brie wedges. Fill in blanks spots on the tray with fruits, such as grapes or apple slices, dried fruits, chocolates or nuts.

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