DIY Pasta angels created with wheat pasta, pearls and wire halos ready to hang on the tree
Items List
For the DIY Pasta Angels:
  • Pearl (or wooden bead) for the head
  • Rigatone pasta (the big tubes) for the dress
  • Wagon Wheel pasta for the collar on the dress
  • 2 pieces of elbow macaroni for the arms
  • Several pieces of Stelline pasta (stars) for decorating the dress (pastina is too small)
  • Farfalle (bow-tie pasta) for the wings
  • 10 pieces of Ditaline pasta (or orzo) for the hair
  • Small gold wire for halo
  • String or cord for hanging
Assembling the DIY Pasta Angels
  • Hot glue the wagon wheel to the tube (rigatone).

  • Glue the head pearl to the center of the wagon wheel.

  • Attach the bow-tie to the back of angel, just underneath the collar.

  • Glue the elbow macaroni to the sides of the dress.

  • Glue the Ditaline (or orzo) onto the head pearl to make hair.

  • Decorate with stars.

  • Bend the gold wire into a halo shape and attach to the back of the angel.

  • Run the cord or string through one of the “hair” pastas to make an ornament hanger.



VOILA! A chorus of pasta angels to grace your Christmas tree!
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