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Easy Christmas Treats: Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers
  • First up, let’s try these Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers, created by Foodtastic Mom.  I tried this with both a plastic baggie with the tip cut off and a pastry bag and tip.

    This one was created with the plastic baggie.

  • This one was created with the pastry bag and tip.

  • Like I’ve said before, I’m a bad baker/cook and an even worse artist. I need items that are stupid simple, and I do think these treats definitely fit that bill.

  • I also forgot that the recipe mentioned doing this on parchment paper, and I obviously did not follow that direction in my first batch (as seen below). The fine texture on my cutting board does make for interesting photos, but the trees did not survive plucking them off. I HIGHLY recommend using that parchment paper for this project.

  • Also make sure to place the sprinkles before the chocolate hardens. What I ended up doing was finishing the drizzle, waiting a few seconds, then placing the sprinkles. This made it so there was still a little give to the chocolate without pushing the sprinkle straight through to the bottom.

  • Warning, I did try to cut the plastic bag a little higher up to get a ‘fuller brush’ look, buttttt… It didn’t turn out as planned.

  • If you would like to see a fuller style, I would recommend both using a pastry bag with a wider tip and practicing a few times to get the hang of it.

Oreo Christmas Ornaments
  • I loved the idea of these ornaments so much! You can find the original recipe at Sweet and Savory Meals!

    I still think these cuties were relatively easy. It took me a few tries to get the peanut butter cup to adhere to the chocolate-dipped Oreo. What finally made it click was dipping the cup into the chocolate for a split second then holding it to the cookie for a few seconds. Be careful with your finger placement on the cup because those ridges melt very quickly.

  • I would also recommend trying your best to flip the mini-M&Ms so the signature logo is facing the back. I obviously messed that up a few times on mine, so take care with yours! The consistency can really make a big difference!

    I tried a few techniques with placing the M&Ms in the chocolate. I wildly underestimated the meltiness of the M&Ms, so I recommend waiting a few seconds after the cookie has been dipped and placing the M&Ms before the chocolate cools. Doing this cookie by cookie is the easiest way to make sure the decorations all adhere, so this process definitely takes longer than you’d think.

    I only made these easy Christmas treats with M&Ms, but you can very easily swap those out for festive sprinkles. Beware that the Oreo may ‘shed’ a little in the warm chocolate as you dip, so if you’re planning on using this melted chocolate for other projects, I would save this treat for the very end.

Hot Chocolate Christmas Oreo Balls
  • These Oreo Balls are so cute! You can check out the original recipe here at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

    While the original idea was my favorite, I just do not possess the skills to make this treat as it deserves. I also wasn’t able to find the teeny, tiny marshmallows in my local grocery store, so the ‘mini’ marshmallows I was able to find really overwhelmed the final product.

    These easy Christmas treats were really good in the taste department, and I think the recipe portion of this was super simple. I don’t have a food processor or mixer of any sort in my small kitchen, so I placed the Oreos in a plastic bag and used a rolling pin to smash the cookies into smithereens, then I mixed in the cream cheese with good old fashioned elbow grease.

    The tricky part, in my opinion, is the artistic execution. I am evidently no good at rolling stuff into a mug shape. And with each mug being a little different, the pretzel handles will also be different for each. Feel free to chop the pretzel as you see fit… You can always decrease the curve by snipping an end (or both), or if you go to far it’s really easy to discard and start off with a new pretzel.

    I will say, I was able to pick up the final product by the handle once the chocolate hardened, so that definitely takes the cute factor up a few notches.

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