Bakers — start your mixers. October 16 is World Bread Day

No matter how you slice it, bread is an important part of nearly every culture, race and religion around the world. World Bread Day was founded to celebrate those products from all around the globe. While man cannot live on bread alone, wheat foods do make up 20 percent of world’s calories, according to the United Nations.

Kansas farmers grow more of that wheat than those of any other state – making them America’s breadwinners. One grain of truth – Kansas wheat farmers produce enough wheat each year to bake 36 billion loaves of bread, which would mean everyone in the world could break bread together for about two weeks. In fact, a family of four could live for 10 years off the bread produced by a single acre of wheat.

If you are looking for a recipe that will rise to the occasion, search the National Festival of Breads recipe collection or try something different with one of the Ethnic Breads

In the Philippines, Kansas Wheat partner U.S. Wheat Associates helps promote wheat consumption through Mabuhay Tinapay (Celebrate Bread!). The campaign’s Facebook page has tasty Filipino recipes and wheat foods facts.  

And, if you are really a gluten for punishment, check out the official 2017 World Bread Day recipe round-up submitted from bakers around the world.

You had butter get on a roll, bake some bread and join in the World Bread Day celebration.

Now that you’ve learned about World Bread Day, take a look at the farm machinery that makes that bread possible in the US.