Wheat Grass Easter Basket | EatWheat
Items List
Sprouting your wheat grass:
  • 7" plastic salad plate
  • 3 paper towels, cut to size of salad plate
  • wheat kernels to fill salad plate
  • water
Sprouting your wheat grass
  • Trace around the outside of the salad plate on the paper towels. Cut paper towels into 7″ circle and place in bottom of plate.

  • Photo: Wheat kernels on plate is the beginning of how to grow your own Easter basket filler.

    Spread wheat kernels around the bottom of the plate, covering paper towels. Add enough water to nearly cover the wheat kernels.

  • Continue to add water daily as it is absorbed. Check daily to make sure the paper towels are still wet and there is still water on the bottom of the plate. Set in a window to allow kernels to get sunlight.

  • Photo: Wheat kernels sprouting.

    Wheat kernels should begin to sprout in 7-10 days.

  • Continue to water small amounts daily and let it grow until Easter. It will take about 2-3 weeks to grow to the size of Easter grass for a basket.

Putting your Easter basket together
  • After your wheat has reached the desired height, put the plate of wheat grass in the bottom of an Easter basket and place eggs on top.

  • Photo: Grow Your Own Easter Basket filler with wheat grass.

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