Hucke Farms

Stories from the Wheat Farm – Embracing the Agricultural Lifestyle in Montana

Angie and Will Hucke are third-generation farmers and ranchers from Geraldine, about 40 miles east of Great Falls in Montana’s “Golden Triangle.” They grow winter wheat, spring wheat, hay barley and occasionally rotate in yellow peas.

Previously, Angie had a corporate job and opted to leave that lifestyle to return to the family farm. Part of returning to the family farm meant being involved in their community and raising their son, Arrow (11), and daughter, Jetta (9) in an environment where they learn about “hard work, taking pride in a job well done and learning that work can be fun.”

This year, Arrow drove the grain cart – his first time helping with harvest, and it was clear how excited and proud he was. Both are very involved in 4-H, rodeo and helping with chores on the farm.


Read more about this farm family at https://bit.ly/MTfarmfamily.

U.S. wheat farm families grow six distinct classes of wheat across the diverse landscape of the United States. Those farmers take great care in producing the highest quality wheat in the most sustainable ways possible to honor their family legacies and to ensure greater value for their customers at home and abroad. Behind the world’s most reliable supply of wheat are the world’s most dependable people.

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