Millershaski Farms

Kyler Millershaski talks about his family heritage

Young farmer Kyler Millershaski talks about his family heritage on his three-generation farm in southwest Kansas.


In what is now the kitchen of the family farmhouse, Earl Kleeman was born in 1930, the same year his parents bought their farm north of Lakin, Kan. His son-in-law Gary Millershaski started farming with him in 1992 and grandsons Jeremy and Kyler joined the operation three years ago. Sadly, Earl passed away in 2019, but not before he proudly helped harvest what was one of the family’s best wheat crops in years. We honor the legacy of commitment and partnership that Earl and countless other farmers of his generation created to provide the highest quality wheat for almost every customer need.


Hard white wheat receives enthusiastic reviews when used for Asian noodles, whole wheat or high extraction applications, pan bread or flatbreads.