Motter Family Wheat Farms


Image: Roy Motter and kids.

Roy Motter farms 2,500 acres in the Imperial Valley of California, and while that may be small compared to other U.S. wheat farms, his operation supports three families. Motter has been farming with his two brothers-in-law since the 1970s, and he oversees their wheat production. They grow Desert Durum® wheat, as well as lettuce, Napa cabbage, sweet onions and sugar beets. They also have previously grown sugar cane, alfalfa seed and hay, Sudan grass, melons, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, artichokes, hard red winter wheat and onion seed.

Desert Durum® is a registered certification mark used only to designate durum grown under irrigation in the desert valleys and lowlands of Arizona and California. Hardest of all wheat, durum has a rich amber color and high gluten content. Hard amber durum (HAD) sets the “gold standard” for premium pasta products, couscous and some Mediterranean bread.


Originally posted at https://ourstory.uswheat.org/.