Choosing Whole Grains

Looking for ways to increase your whole grain consumption? Check out these tips to make half of your grains whole grains!

Breakfast is a great time to incorporate whole grains into your day:

  • Choose whole grain cereal with low-fat milk in the morning.
  • Pair eggs with a slice or two of whole grain toast topped with avocado.
  • Bake muffins with white whole wheat flour or try these whole grain Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins.
  • Make pancakes or waffles with whole wheat flour.
  • Top yogurt with fresh fruit and whole grain granola.
  • Try these whole grain homemade Blueberry Banana Breakfast Bars.
  • Fuel up with breakfast with these breakfast ideas.

For lunch and dinner consider making the following swaps:

  • Use whole grain bread or buns rather than “white bread” for sandwiches.
  • Sub whole grain tortillas for wraps or tacos. Use whole grain tortillas with this Chicken Ranch Wrap.
  • Swap out regular pasta for whole wheat pasta. Try this Garden Pasta Primavera recipe.
  • Choose brown rice or wild rice over white rice.
  • These Rock and Roll Beef Wraps have two forms of whole grain, the whole grain tortilla and quinoa.
  • Make pizzas with whole grain pizza crust. Make your own or buy a pre-made or refrigerated whole grain pizza crust.

Snack Attack

  • Pair whole grain crackers with cheese.
  • Whole grain toast topped with your favorite toppings! Try peanut butter and banana with honey or avocado.
  • Dunk whole wheat graham crackers into yogurt.
  • Check out these on-the go snack ideas!

Enjoy a sweet treat made with whole grains!

Whole grains can be tricky to identify in the store so be sure to check out these tips to ensure you are truly choosing whole grains!

Jill Ladd MPH, RD, LD

— Contributed by Jill Ladd, MPH, RD, LD


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