Browns grow wheat for Goldfish® snack crackers

Growing the best product they can for their family and yours

“When I go the grocery store and I see the Goldfish® on the shelf, I have a personal connection with that and wonder just how much of my flour might be in that particular box of Goldfish crackers.”


How to Raise Goldfish Crackers

The Brown Family has been farming near Soda Springs, Idaho, for 75 years. Jerry began farming with his dad when he was about 10 years old. Today, their two sons Tony and Wes farm with them.

“We try and grow the best product that we can,” says Robyn. “Because we are feeding our family and other families around the world, we want it to be the best that it can be. We want our families to grow up strong and healthy.”

On their farm, the Browns raise four classes of wheat – hard red winter, hard white, dark northern spring and soft white. Hard red winter, hard white and hard red spring are used to make breads. The flour from the soft white wheat they grow is used in the Goldfish crackers that are made in Cache County, Utah.

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