Baking Food Safety 101

6 Simple Baking Food Safety Steps

These baking food safety tips are a good reference as we head into the holiday baking season.

  1. STORE raw flour, baking mixes, dough and eggs separately from read-to-eat foods.
  2. BEFORE BAKING, tie back long hair, clean counters, assemble ingredients and equipment, wash hands and put on an apron.
  3. KEEP SEPARATE the measuring, mixing and handling of unbaked batter or dough from cooling, serving and packaging of baked products.
  4. TEST baked products with wooden toothpick or cake tester and food thermometer at center to ensure products are completely baked.
  5. CLEAN tools, work surfaces and equipment with hot, soapy water or in dishwasher.
  6. WASH HANDS before you taste, serve or package baked goods.

Whether you are making your own Homemade Holiday Sugar Cookies or creating these unique Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments, following these baking food safety tips will make sure your family stays safe from foodborne illness.

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